Top 10 Technologies: Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we covered some of the latest technologies including AI security, 5G networks, multiexperience, the evolution of healthcare, and increased edge. While technologies are shaping our future as we know it, but they’re far from the only innovative technologies we’re experiencing today.

Keep reading for the final 5 technologies in this series.

Technology #6: Blockchain

Blockchain has already broken new ground in cryptocurrency, and we can expect it to pioneer user data security across social media as well. This technology will give users more control over their data and exercise their right of anonymity and ownership.

Technology #7: Extended Reality

XR aims to create a seamless blend of real world and reality by projecting visuals into our physical world. This technology can be implemented across all industries, but developers are still working to improve the software and making it more affordable and accessible.

Technology #8: Hyperautomation

Automation is implemented throughout businesses to automate tasks that used to require a human’s cognitive ability. Hyperautomation aims to utilize both ML and humans to achieve peak performance across all departments – not just IT.

Technology #9: Deep Learning

Working with artificial neural networks, computers are able to observe, learn, and react to large data sets. It is predicted to create a more personalized experience for internet users; however, it is also raising concern for user privacy.  

Technology #10: Digital Twins

As the name suggests, a digital twin is a digitally manufactured copy of a physical object or system. This technology can be used as a prototype that processes inputs and generates outputs to predict how the physical object will react before building.