Top 10 Technologies: Part 1

We are on the cusp of a new tech wave that aims to combine tech innovations instead of isolating them. The shift in perspective from machine-focused centrism to people-focused centrism is working towards protecting the average user and improving on ways of life. Both big and small companies are working together to create software that is widely accessible and affordable for the general public, but we still have a long road ahead. The ever-changing world forces humans and technology to adapt to one another, thus creating new job opportunities with every advancement. 

Keep reading for Top 10 Technologies: Part 1, where we’ll cover the first 5 technologies:

Technology #1: AI Security

ML can be used to combat cyber attacks, but can also be leveraged in the wrong hands. Improved cybersecurity against hackers and phishers is needed to prevent such attacks from affecting databases and internet users.

Technology #2: 5G Networks

Still in its early development, 5G is on the path to sending and receiving data at incredible speed. Alongside innovations for smart devices, autonomous vehicles, drones, and robots, 5G will be a leading factor in progressing our connected ecosystem.

Technology #3: Multiexperience

Further pushing the limits of people-literate technology, efforts to create a more immersive experience in everyday life will continue onward in the form of wearable tech, smart home devices, and advanced computer sensors.

Technology #4: Evolution of Healthcare

Tech in the healthcare industry is working simultaneously to improve quality of treatment and advance genomic analysis. Scientists are compositing health data to better understand diseases, which largely aids in creating preventive medicine. 

Technology #5: Increased Edge

Businesses are taking interest in edge computing that reduces latency within their AI devices. The race to program machines to mimic a human’s brain pattern is the long-term goal, but you can expect to see an increase in storage, sensor, and computing abilities within AI. 

Stay tuned for Top 10 Technologies: Part 2 where we’ll cover the final 5 technologies.

Source: Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020 (Gartner)