Tech Hubs

Silicon Valley reigns as the tech hub mecca, but metro areas like Phoenix and Dallas are quickly gaining traction as well. It is no surprise that the lower cost of living is a leading factor for these gains, alongside other reasons like job growth and flexibility. Working remotely is becoming a desired job requirement, and these growing tech hubs are more than willing to accommodate these trends.

Let’s take a deeper dive into some of the hottest tech hubs:

Silicon Valley, California

Average Salary: $140,867

Silicon Valley remains unrivaled in tech as it’s home to Apple, Google, Facebook, Adobe, and many more. Job outlook for the tech industry is expected to increase 10% in the next 5 years, and the Valley is welcoming these tech professionals with open arms. Housing some of the largest companies in the world alongside startups creates an environment perfect for collaboration and innovation. It also neighbors San Jose and San Francisco, areas that offer a variety of extracurricular activities that appeal to personalities of all types.

Trending Industries

  • Software and Application Development
  • Web Development
  • Computer Systems Engineering

Dallas, Texas

Average Salary: $109,414

The Dallas area composes 43% of the state’s tech workers that are leaders in tech innovation. Fortune 500 companies are setting up offices in Dallas due to the city’s growing landscape that is making room for more and more emerging tech companies. The energy in this city knows how to appeal to the people side of business, adding a human touch in an otherwise tech-dominant industry.

Trending Industries

  • Mobile App Development
  • R&D and Testing Services
  • Web Development Services

Denver, Colorado

Average Salary: $112,523

Colorado is rapidly becoming a beacon for corporations and start-ups alike because of their business culture that values connection rather than competition. They have the talent pool to accommodate the increase in job opportunities thanks to companies like Amazon, Apple, and Facebook establishing a second headquarters in the area. But what makes Colorado stand out from other tech hubs is the welcoming environment that promotes collaboration rather than competition. It’s no wonder why business and tech professionals are eager to set their roots in Colorado.

Trending Industries

  • Software
  • Adtech
  • Mobile
  • Cloud

Phoenix, Arizona

Average Salary: $106,272

Ranked at number four for the most desirable urban area to live in, Millennials are ditching their California dreams to pursue better opportunities in Arizona. In recent years, the area has rebranded to be known as the Greater Phoenix, challenging the Silicon Valley reign instead of copying it.

Trending Industries

  • IT Services
  • Custom Software Services
  • Tech Manufacturing
  • Renewable Energy

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