Make Your Firm Stand Out To Attract Technical Talent

A company’s work culture is the best asset to attract potential employees. Major corporations in Silicon Valley maintain a work culture image that promotes creativity in the workplace. Rather than treating nap pods and full-fledged cafeterias as the standard of an inviting workplace, focus on the underlying message it is sending. Potential employees want to know how you will take care of them in return for their hard work, and they should already have a clear understanding before the hiring process.


Perks like unlimited coffee and bringing your dog to work day may be appealing, but aren’t always sustainable in the long term. Millennials prefer to stay at one company for a few years before they grow disinterested in the work. Offering a solid benefits package will increase employee retention from the on-boarding date to the half-year mark. 

Benefits to Include:
  • Health/Dental/Vision insurance
  • Paid vacation/sick leave
  • 401(k) matching
  • Remote and flexible hours
  • Training/Education

Top Motivators

Though compensation is a leading factor in a potential employee’s decision-making, there has been a shift in work culture. The new workforce generation values transparency from their higher ups and prefers an environment that stimulates personal growth. Nowadays, the hiring process empowers the applicant and sets a higher expectation for companies to meet in terms of learning and career advancement opportunities.

Methods to Motivate:
  • High compensation or promotion
  • Career mapping
  • Leaders who are transparent 
  • Inclusive work environment
  • Autonomy to dictate projects
  • Flex time
  • PTO

Changing Employers

As of 2020, 35% of tech professionals said they would change employers for various reasons. Of that group, 45% reported to be either satisfied or very dissatisfied with their current work conditions. Often times, they feel like they are not attaining new skills at their current company, or they are not receiving adequate recognition for their work.

Reasons for Change:
  • Position/contract elimination
  • No room for promotion or growth
  • Increased workload
  • Unorganized workflow
  • No work to match relevant skill set
  • Don’t approve of boss
  • Unattractive projects
  • Offshoring

While incorporating all of the elements above will certainly help attract talent, there’s still no guarantees. Alternatively, you can entrust ISC Resources to acquire top talent. By partnering with ISC Resources, your organization gains access to the best IT and Engineering professionals in the country. Our experienced professionals have the skillsets and discipline that will help your business reach its full potential. Let’s talk today.