Interview Questions to Ask Technical Professionals

Technical professionals have a strong foundation on the basic requirements of having a technical background, so the hiring process should be an opportunity to get to know their specialties and expertise with software they are familiar with. Trends in hiring for tech occupations are more people-driven in many ways. Interpersonal skills are needed to increase cohesion in the workplace, having a critical eye for data analysis will improve user experience, and much more. With the unemployment rate being so low and the available talent pool so small, how can companies decipher what skills are important and necessary to have while conducting an interview?

Question 1: To ask a Cloud Computing Engineer

How would you test our system’s ability to handle a large-scale event?

Get to know the potential employee’s decision-making process by giving them a scenario to walkthrough. This will also be a subtle analysis of the skillsets they have acquired and how they choose to apply them in a real-world situation.

Question 2: To ask an Information Technology Analyst

What are some systems you have managed and maintained for an organization?

This is a great opportunity to have a more in-depth look at a potential employee’s experience and if it will be useful to your company. Look for years of experience and details that align with what you are looking for from an ideal employee.

Question 3: To ask a Database Administrator 

How would you explain what ODBC is to a person with a non-technical background?

Not only does this test the applicant’s knowledge on relevant jargon, it will demonstrate how well the applicant can simplify a complex concept. Such communication skills are critical for various scenarios like briefing a client or training an employee.

Question 4: To ask a Software Engineer

What are some problems you face while managing software and how do you overcome them?

Perseverance and resilience are highly desirable traits to have. This question prompts the applicant to prove their ability to critically analyze a situation and implement solutions. 

Question 5: To ask a Web Developer

What does your SEO strategy checklist include?

Website development is only half of the battle, the other half is creating optimized pages that generate traffic and leads. You’ll also get an idea of the applicant’s work ethic to see how they manage tasks that are not as high priority.

Question 6: To ask a Computer Network Specialist

How do you ensure a successful integration of new hardware and software with existing network systems?

A technical question tests any relevant experience the applicant may have. Were they able to respond easily or were they having some difficulty explaining the process? These are important details to look for when an applicant is answering.

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