4 Reasons to Outsource Your Training Initiatives

In nearly every industry, the business landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Consumer behaviors have changed, business practices have been modernized, and company priorities have been reorganized again and again. Much of this has been the result of enhancements in technology.

Technology has forced many businesses to add new positions and skill sets to their existing workforce to continue to efficiently and successfully service their consumers/clients. To accomplish this, most companies turn to training development to cultivate the vital skills their teams need for business success.

There are three primary choices when seeking training development:

  • Hire an internal team of employees to spearhead the entirety of your program for the whole organization.
  • Task existing staff with the responsibility of training development (usually the HR department).
  • Outsource your training to experienced training professionals.

Here are four reasons why outsourcing your training development is most beneficial to your organization.

1. Cost Effective

When a company chooses to outsource their training development, one of the benefits is that it saves their organization money.

While most organizations would love to hire a dedicated team to oversee their training development, staffing employees with such narrow focus is a costly endeavor. If your organization wants to benefit from having specialized training professionals leading the development of your team without breaking the bank, then the best option is to outsource for the right people.

Outsourcing is dramatically cheaper than hiring an expensive in-house team to work full time. You get people with experience in the area you need, and you only pay your outsourced training staff when you need them. Additionally, you eliminate the spendy overhead costs of recruiting, hiring, training, as well as providing vacation and benefits.

2. Specialized Instructional Designers, Developers, and Instructors

Outsourcing your company’s training development provides you access to a full suite of dedicated specialists that focus solely on customizing your training and teaching the skills your employees need in their job. Tasking training development to your HR team or other existing employees creates a disadvantage for the rest of your company, as they more than likely are not training specialists.

You wouldn’t task your accounting team with the duties of IT, so why do it with something as important as training development? By outsourcing training development, your team receives the advantage of learning from experienced training professionals and your employees can focus on the valued work they do best.

3. Experience Makes all the Difference

By using highly-experienced professionals to provide training to your team, you’re giving your team the best chance to learn. Experienced training professionals design their programs to enhance retention so that your employees will not only learn but remember what they’ve learned when it comes to applying their new knowledge at work.

At the end of the day, companies invest in training development so their employees have the skills to work more productively, make fewer mistakes, and help generate more revenue. The better the training, developed and delivered by highly experienced training professionals, the greater the retention and result.

4. Broader Training

Conducting an internal training program requires an arrangement of different skills and talents. Placing the burden on the laps of your existing employees forces you to work with what you have, rather than with what you need.

Let’s say your team has the skills and experience to implement project management training and technical training. When it comes to improving those skills for your team, that’s good. But what about the project that drives a huge change in the way your company does business – requiring new business processes, job task analysis, and organizational change management.  Other areas might include training in data security, compliance, or new sales techniques?

With an outsourced training professional you can bring in the precise experience you need for your team’s specific skill set. This flexibility will create a more diverse and multi-talented workforce for your company.


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