The New World of Work: Keeping Your Employees Engaged

Employers: Are you struggling to motivate your remote workforce in these tough economic times?

With the COVID-19 outbreak still running rampant and remote and hybrid employment reigning as the new normal, the concept of “office culture” has evolved – and we must keep up!

From engagement to productivity, organizational culture to technological tools, companies must either adapt to the ever-changing landscape or risk going out of business altogether.

Hire for cultural fit

Employee engagement is one of the greatest challenges in the current remote work environment. While there is a dialogue around the idea of a “talent shortage” circulating through the business community, filling the gaps might not be as difficult as you might think.

It’s not about how many candidates are out there but rather identifying how to find the right people. Finding talented workers who align with both the technical needs of the position you are hiring for and your organization’s culture will lead to greater engagement and, ultimately, employee retention.

If productivity is a major concern for your executive leadership team, you are not alone. The ‘flexible’ working environment driven by remote employment has led to many questions that could once be answered by physically overseeing a team. While this is an understandable worry, it can be proactively addressed by hiring and training for skillset and cultural alignment.  Cultural alignment is just as important as skills!

When employees feel connected to their work, productively engaging with it will come naturally.

Engage with your employees

Moreover, engagement means understanding. Turn your workplace into an environment of continuous learning and growth, and keep with the pace of change.

We are in unprecedented times, and thus, leveraging flexible work models means recognizing that we are all embarking on a new employment era and operating accordingly.

Just as you hope your employees will engage with their work, you must reciprocate and engage with them. Facilitating a two-way dialogue is the key to deeper connections and better outputs. Here are a few tips for doing so:

  • Listen to your employees, and work with them to address their needs.
  • Create space in your schedule dedicated to communicating with your team.
  • Actively share wins and updates with your workers, allowing them to see how their contributions matter and fit into the bigger picture.

Leverage technology & train for digital transformation

Here at ISC Resources, we believe technology is, and will continue to be, a great enabler in the ever-evolving world of work. We also believe that ongoing learning initiatives are key to developing a team that can handle the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

Whether your company’s processes and procedures need a complete overhaul or just some technical tweaks, training your team on cutting-edge digital tools is key to enhancing productivity and overall employee success.

By embracing the future and leveraging technology, your team will not only experience increased ease of work but will also become increasingly valuable brand contributors through their technical knowledge and execution.

Digital transformation is just that: transformation. It means reconsidering the way you currently operate and undergoing a company-wide mindset shift from the top-down. While this may mean some initial growing pains, the payoff is astronomical.

ISC Resources has the people and processes to address your company’s pressing hiring needs. Reach out today!