Starting Your Job Search: Why Work With A Recruitment Specialist?

The commitment to make a career move is a big decision – but it is only the first of many choices you must make as a candidate embarking on your job search! 

Once you’ve determined you are ready to begin the hunt, there are still countless decisions to be made — starting with your strategic plan of attack for finding and securing a position. 

Will you go it alone, or will you call on outside resources to help guide your path? Will you prioritize networking events, or will you focus on warm leads? Will you ask your network to send relevant referrals your way, or will you work with a recruiter to match you with job openings that meet your specifications?

In today’s article, we highlight three key reasons for working with a recruiting organization on your job search, and some of the untapped benefits that many job candidates are unaware of.

Reason #1: Uncover more relevant opportunities.

Are you a fan of SimplyHired, Indeed, or maybe even LinkedIn Jobs? While these resources are great places to get an initial glance of the job market, they only represent the tip of the iceberg – and most job seekers don’t even know that! 

While a fraction of job openings are posted publicly, there are a surplus of openings that exist just behind the curtain, in recruiter networks. In other words, many companies also choose not to go it alone, and work directly with recruiters to find and secure great candidates.

By working with a recruiter, you will not only gain access to a whole new layer of job opportunities – you will also be top-of-mind for the employers who’ve listed their openings exclusively among their recruitment partners. 

Moreover, working with a recruiter will not only help you narrow in on relevant opportunities – it will also save you time! Because recruiters have a depth of knowledge about the hiring landscape, as well as an understanding of the stakeholders involved (including the employers), they can help you navigate the road ahead and work smarter – not harder – to land your ideal job.

Reason #2: Access expert insights and feedback to guide your interview process.

Not only do recruiters understand the hiring landscape in a broad sense, they also understand what it takes for candidates to make it through the interview process from start to finish. 

Whether it is helping you polish your resume, working with you on critical interview skills, identifying opportunities for continued professional development, or even giving insider tips for interviewing with a specific employer, your recruiter can guide you every step of the way.

All in all, your recruiter will help you position yourself competitively in the job market. Once you’re in the negotiation stage, they will advocate for you as you navigate compensation, benefits, and everything that comes with sealing the deal.

Reason #3: Gain a true ally along your job search, who is committed to your success.

Working with a recruiter is an active process, not a passive one. When you work with a recruiter, you gain a true partner on your job search who is in it to win it with you – every step of the way.

Want to learn more about how working with a recruiter could elevate your job search? Reach out today to connect with our team of recruitment specialists!