Take Career Growth Into Your Own Hands in 2022

Employees and candidates – how are you holding up this year? With over a month of 2022 under your belt, maybe you’ve slipped back into the day-to-day obligations of your current position, or are losing momentum or encouragement along your job search process.

Whether you are seeking a new position or looking to grow within your current place of employment, setting growth goals is a critical component of your career success. But with so many interview tips and job vacancy notices swirling around you, it can be hard to know where to turn.

But while so many aspects of your professional life may feel beyond your control, there are many areas of your development that you can take into your own hands, starting now. Today, we will explore a few ways that you can increase your hireability this year, no matter where you are on your journey.

Prioritize professional development

We are living in the information age, with endless resources – whether free or paid, in-person or remote – right at our fingertips. Regardless of the industry you are currently in, or the field you are hoping to break into, there is a high likelihood that you can find an opportunity (or several!) to expedite your growth trajectory through continued learning.

Whether your professional development path looks like…
● completing a certification program to qualify you for more advanced positions
● attending a webinar to gain increased knowledge about a certain aspect of your industry, or
● partnering with a mentor, advisor, or professional firm for individualized guidance as you position yourself in the employment market…

Investing in your development is critical to your advancement. Not only will you gain the skills and perspective you need to succeed, you will also differentiate yourself in the job market from an employer perspective.

By embodying a growth mindset, you demonstrate your willingness to go the extra mile at work, which is an asset to the people and companies you work with as they welcome you onboard.

Meet new people

In addition to expanding your skillset, expanding your network can make a huge impact on your career trajectory. While filling out online job applications and going through “cold” interviews may be your golden career ticket, engaging with people in your field (and beyond) transforms the process from a transactional one to a relational one.

Whether you find yourself networking with your peers or meeting individuals with more professional seniority than you, getting ‘out there’ can help you truly understand both the industry and employment landscape you are participating in.

Develop your soft skills

Believe it or not, you are not static. As we shared in a recent article, soft skills are critical skills for the future workforce.

And the best news? They can be learned!

Begin by taking a self-audit of how you show up at work. Do you show up with the soft skill of collaboration, or do you struggle to share project involvement with others? Do you approach challenging situations with curiosity, or do you have a black-or-white approach that limits your perspective and results in reactionary thinking?

Once you’ve identified which soft skills you’d like to sharpen, stay open to opportunities to practice them. This resource from Indeed offers some key ways to put your soft skills to the test.

Take career growth into your own hands

All in all, the central message is this: it’s a new year, and it’s an employee’s job market. Whether you are on the rise at your current company or have your schedule booked with interviews, utilize this time to your advantage.

Take your career growth into your own hands, and success is soon to follow.

If you’d like some extra guidance as you navigate the current job market, reach out to our team at ISC Resources. We’d be happy to partner with you as you move forward on your career path!