Spotlight Instructional Design Occupations in Growing Metro Areas

The increasing demand for instructional designers is rapidly growing because their role is needed in all industries. Companies need instructional designers who can produce training that is creative, engaging, and informative. From a staffing standpoint, the role leaves much room for various job titles to fall under instructional design. This opens up more opportunities for job seekers, but increases competition between companies.

Check out a few of the trending instructional design jobs in growing metro areas:

Job Title: Chief Learning Officer

Average Salary: $224,125
City: Charlotte, NC

Appalachian State University is one of the top 5 schools in the nation for those who wish to pursue a career in Instructional Design. This indicates North Carolina’s ever-growing presence in the industry as young professionals gain a wider perspective through their studies and bring it to companies like IBM, Amazon, and Bank of America Headquarters.

One of the highest levels in the field is the Chief Learning Officer who is responsible for creating and implementing learning programs and strategies for employees. Through learning technology, employees can have a more in-depth knowledge about the latest trends while aligning with the company’s goals and values.

Job Title: Training Project Manager

Average Salary: $144,658
City: Nashville, TN

Nashville is a melting pot of cultures, attracting a variety of personalities from all around the nation. As a Training Project Manager (TPM), the ability to create training programs that align with the company image while respecting the employee’s individuality is incredibly valuable. It can also extend to creating training systems for clients, indicating that there are many job opportunities in Nashville. With corporations like Nissan, HCA, Dollar General, and even Vanderbilt University, the difference in industries serves as a critical point that all fields need TPMs.

Job Title: Organizational Change Manager

CITY: Dallas, TN

“Friendship” is the state’s motto, and it’s no surprise Organizational Change Managers are heavily sought after. The OCM works closely with employees to assist in project completion and overall productivity. With an extensive knowledge in organizational change process, they are able to implement change programs that solidify morale and reduce resistance. Corporations like JP Morgan Chase & Co., AMR Corporations, and Texas Health Resources Inc. are in need of OCMs, and Dallas is the perfect place to start.

Job Title: Instructional Designer

Average Salary: $87,799
City: Los Angeles, CA

An Instructional Designer has the freedom to enter any industry, which is great for the abundance of start-ups and small and large businesses in Los Angeles. Instructional Designers are responsible for creating training programs to serve various purposes for a company. The city also provides many opportunities to advance one’s career, with big corporations like Google, Facebook, Intuit, Ultimate Software, and Edward Jones stationed in the heart of the city.

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