National Instructional Design Salary & Contract Averages

Understanding each job position’s percentiles is critical when recruiting new hires. The percentiles serves as a framework and standard for level of education, experience, and skillset. Based on our primary data and secondary research, we have calculated 25th, 50th, and 75th percentiles for multiple titles within instructional design that will help determine applicable range of wages for both you and the employee.

National Salary Averages & Percentiles

Chief Learning Officer$182,600$228,800$292,200
Training Project Manager $125,300$156,000$173,200
Training Manager$98,300$112,000$125,700
Trainer$92,700 $104,900 $117,800
Senior Instructional Designer $84,700 $95,500$110,400
Instructional Designer$68,800$78,000$87,600
Junior Instructional Designer$45,000$61,600$68,400
Senior Technical Writer$77,600$87,100$97,500
Technical Writer$49,700$57,400$65,400
Policy & Procedure Writer$51,100$59,000$67,200
Job Task Analyst $66,400$83,000$92,100
Organizational Change Manager$120,700 $141,800$174,800
Senior eLearning Developer$84,700$95,600$110,500
eLearning Developer$68,700$78,000$87,500

National Contract Rate Averages

Chief Learning Officer$137$219
Training Project Manager $94$130
Training Manager$74$94
Trainer$70 $88
Senior Instructional Designer $64$83
Instructional Designer$52$66
Junior Instructional Designer$34$51
Senior Technical Writer$58$73
Technical Writer$37$49
Policy & Procedure Writer$38$50
Job Task Analyst $50$69
Organizational Change Manager$91 $131
Senior eLearning Developer$64$83
eLearning Developer$52$66

By utilizing salary data, companies are able to gain an understanding about the competitive compensation nationwide. Ready to scale your instructional design team? Talk to ISC Resources about our training professionals today.