How to Make Your Corporate Training Fun

The goal of corporate training is to provide your team with an opportunity to learn and develop new skills and deepen their knowledge. The more informed and skilled your employees are, the more value they’ll bring your organization. However, if your employees are bored by the corporate training you provide, it’s all for nothing.

An overwhelming number of your employees want you to provide them career learning programs. According to a recent Randstad study, 82% of employees said that lifelong learning is important to them. Then why do so many people find the corporate training they receive to be boring? Usually, the blame lies at the feet of the training delivery or the trainer presenting the information.

Here are four tips for making your corporate training fun.

Switch Up the Delivery

If the feedback you’re receiving is telling you that your training sessions are boring, take a look at how you’re delivering the learning to your employees. If you’re using the traditional training method of a trainer standing in front of a large group of employees giving a lecture on a particular topic, that may be your problem.

Switching up the delivery of your training can go a long way in boosting engagement and making it more fun for your team. There are a number of different directions your company go when looking for a new delivery. Virtual reality, eLearning, social learning—technology has created plenty of exciting ways for companies to provide corporate training.

Include an Interactive Element

The opposite of bored is engaged, therefore adding interactive elements into your training will give you a far greater chance of keeping your employees engaged. Introducing interactive elements to training can also improve how much of the material your employees retain.

Not sure how interactive to make a training? Aim for consistency. Placing an interactive element on each slide of your training creates a cadence and expectation for the participants. Graphics, questions, and videos are a few different ways to incorporative interactivity into a training.

Inject Some Humor into Your Training

No, this doesn’t mean you should hire a stand-up comedian to perform a ten-minute set before your training starts. Adding humor to your training is about throwing a wrench into your current style and adding levity to your material.

A funny picture, video clip, or a work-appropriate joke provides your training with a brief relief from learning and creates a fun atmosphere. Humor can be very effective if you notice that the energy and attention span of the class is waning.

Recognize High Performers

When your employees perform well in their normal work, you usually acknowledge their achievements, right? Then do the same to the employees who show great results in your corporate training. If your training wraps up with an exam or certification test, make sure you’re recognizing the employees that score well.

To really boost engagement and generate excitement, you can turn your training into a friendly competition. Announce at the beginning of the training that high performers will receive rewards. Companies must be careful with making it too competitive, as competition is not for everyone.

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