How to Find a Corporate Training Specialist

The more skills that your employees possess, the more value they can deliver your organization. Cultivating your team’s skills requires a strategic training and development initiative. It’s challenging for organizations to take on the task of training and development internally, so often the solution is to outsource the process. By outsourcing, companies can save time, money, and enjoy more overall flexibility.

How should companies go about the process of finding a corporate training specialist to lead their training and development efforts? Here are some tips.

Establish the Expectations for the Role

Before you kick off the hiring process for a corporate training specialist, you’ll want to make sure that you have clear expectations for the position. Without a defined outline of the role’s expectations, you’ll be hard-pressed to find the best candidate. It also opens the possibility that the training specialist you hire will have to waste precious time on the job carving out the expectations.

At minimum, you’ll want to have the following established before you begin your search for a training specialist:

  • What is the scope of work?
  • What are the primary skills the project will be focused on improving?
  • What is the duration of the project?
  • What format of training are you looking for?

By clearly articulating what is being asked of training specialists, you’ll be able to find the best overall candidate. The appropriate context and perspective will also permit the consultant you hire to become productive quickly.

Allocate Time to Make the Right Hire

If possible, allocate plenty of time for your organization to be discerning during your search for a training consultant. Like all business decisions, you don’t want to back yourself into a corner by facing a tight deadline.

It takes time to ensure that a candidate is a perfect match for your organization. Their experience, skill set, style, and values need to be aligned with those of your organization, as well as with the expectations you’ve set up for the role.

Be Prepared for Them to Start

Once you’ve secured the perfect training specialist to lead your training and development project, you need to make sure that they can hit the ground running on their start date. When outsourcing corporate training and development specialists, a common, and costly, error that organizations commit is failing to have an onboarding plan in place.

Your new training consultant needs to have a complete understanding of your organization’s culture, the learning styles of the participants, and the proper scheduling for training. If not, the program they devise will be challenging to implement, and will quickly get off schedule.

Partner with a Corporate Training Recruiting Expert

If your organization doesn’t have the time to organize a thorough search for a corporate training specialist, you’ll need to find a partner who does. At ISC, we specialize in providing training and development professionals to businesses in need of assistance.  With our vast network of training professionals, we can find the perfect solution to your training needs.

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