Organizational Change You Might Be Facing During the Time of COVID

Organizational Change is caused by a variety of reasons – including situations we are now experiencing during COVID:

Evolutional Adaptation

Unforeseen large change that is met with minimal resistance – such as the change to employees working remotely

Development Change

Change that will improve the organization’s processes

Transition Change

Change that results in an implementation or redesign

Drastic Action

Change that is immediate and forced on the organization due to a significant event

Transformation Change

Changing an organization’s entire processes and procedures due to an organization’s decision to change the way it does business

ISC Resources CAN HELP

ISC Resources can provide Organizational Change Management (OCM) professionals to work closely with you to:

  • prepare, equip and support the organization to successfully adapt these changes (that may include environment, technology, expansion, customer needs and marketplace)
  • help you to properly plan the key elements of content, processes and people
  • provide direction throughout the organization’s change process
  • help identify the Change Sponsors, Change Agents and the Change Advocates that will support the change throughout the organization
  • help motivate employees to change and understand the impact and goals of the change

ISC Resources’ OCM professionals can address organizational change overload. We all know change is difficult. Employees may feel left out of the process or feel the changes happen too quickly. Multiple changes within an organization can create confusion and stress. Planning for these issues can circumvent resistances to change and promote a cohesive work environment. Get in touch with ISC Resources today to learn how we can help your organizational change challenges today.