More Talent, Less Hassle: Why Your Company Should Partner With A Recruitment Specialist

Time is money. When you are leading and growing a large firm, how you invest your weeks, days, hours, and even moments matters!

But when it comes to finding and hiring talent, many leaders put themselves right back on the frontlines of their business, spending their valuable strategic time looking through resumes and scouring through job search platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn.

As your company scales, improving your recruitment capabilities is a critical piece of the puzzle. By bringing a specialist on board you can find better candidates faster, and put your energy back where it matters on the things only you can do.

Here are a few key reasons why partnering with a recruiting specialist is worth your company’s while.

Reason #1: Recruiters expedite the talent search process.

While we just mentioned it, it is worth mentioning again: recruiters are a massive timesaver for your executive team.  

The “time is money” concept is not only paramount – it is two-fold when it comes to the talent search. Of course, you must consider the cost of lost time as you spend your day searching for the right fit. But secondly, you must also be aware of the cost of a vacancy in your company over time – whether in the form of lost productivity, lost profits or otherwise.

Don’t believe the staggering cost of not signing on a new employee quickly? 

Cost of vacancy (COV) is a widely-used term in the world of human resources, which measures the monetary impact of leaving a position open over time, taking everything that comes with a gap in talent into account. 

Some factors to take into consideration include:

  • lost productivity
  • job salary for the open position
  • losses in employee revenue generation 
  • expenditure of allocated departmental budgets
  • cost of the talent search 

While there are many ways to determine an estimated Cost of Vacancy (COV), this useful resource is one of many that can help you get a sense of what a vacant position would cost your organization over time, given your company’s specifications.

The point is, the longer a job sits open, the more associated costs will follow and become glaringly obvious. By investing in a recruitment specialist upfront, you will increase the caliber (and speed!) of new hires, and cut vacancy costs in the process.

Reason #2: Recruiters know the hiring landscape.

While you know your company do you know the landscape of your industry and the workforce at large from a hiring standpoint?

More than just “vacancy fillers”, recruiting specialists have a well-rounded perspective on all aspects of the hiring process. 

As a true partner in the talent search, your recruitment specialist can advise you and manage expectations about critical aspects of the search such as:

  • cultural fit 
  • benefits 
  • experience level 
  • pay rate 
  • candidate negotiations 

…and much more! 

With experience on both sides of the dotted contractual line, your recruitment specialist can offer an objective viewpoint unlike any other and help you navigate the process from interview all the way to agreement.

Reason #3: Recruiters know where to look.

Your next great hire may not be the one with “Open For Work” on their LinkedIn profile. In fact, more often than not, your ideal match may have a more passive stance when it comes to new employment opportunities.

Without a recruitment specialist on your side, your talent search will only scratch the surface. But with one, you can move beyond overcrowded job boards and cold resume reads to a whole untapped side of the talent market – one that is only accessible through a deep, carefully-curated recruiter network.

And that’s not all. Not only can your hiring recruitment partner help you effectively source great talent candidates – they can also utilize their expertise in working with job seekers & talent seekers alike to pitch your open positions to candidates in a way that resonates with what they’re looking for. Inevitably, you and future hires having a mutual ally in the search will warm up the process and increase the chances of a successful match.

Uniquely positioned with a strategic approach to match, partnering with a recruitment specialist is a must if you want to hire better, hire faster, and above all: hire right.

Got vacancies? We’ve got talent. If you’re interested in learning more about how working with our team of recruitment specialists could benefit your talent search, contact us today!