Compliance Training: Building Safe & Productive Workplaces

When you think of compliance training, what words come to mind? Costs? Liabilities? Violations?

While many companies view compliance training as just one more hurdle of red tape that they must jump over to stay up and running, it is so much more. Rather than a burden on your company, we suggest you look at compliance training as an investment – one that will catapult your business to the next level!

Every business needs to be compliant with regulations and the law, but avoiding fines and lawsuits is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the value of compliance training. Compliance training not only keeps your company in legal check – it reduces employee turnover and promotes a safer work environment for employees and customers alike, which will inevitably permeate through the culture of your organization.

In the first of our two-part series on the value of high-quality compliance training, we’ll discuss the impact it can have on the people on the frontline of your brand.

Compliance education

Compliance training isn’t just a checkbox to mark as “done” – it is an educational process in which those who interact with your business are kept safe and secure, in accordance with their rights.

When it comes to your team, compliance training means informing your employees about their workplace rights and responsibilities. This not only increases safety and reduces harm (both physical and legal), but also promotes a culture of transparency and respect. Establishing a mode of corrective action can also help identify any potential threats, and help employees stay aligned, and stay compliant.

From establishing standards of conduct to implementing regular audits, compliance is a key piece of the internal operations puzzle. On the people side of the equation, compliance training also includes:

  • Understanding workplace safety requirements
  • Learning how to spot and report hazards
  • Knowing what to do in an emergency

In educating employees on these compliance components, you can hold them accountable and build a culture of trust – before a crisis arises. Without compliance training, the company is at greater risk of legal ramifications, especially if employees haven’t been made aware of their rights and responsibilities.

While employee training is critical, it’s not just the bottom-line in need of guidance – managers and supervisors should also have compliance training so they know how their decisions can affect the organization, and how they can model best practices to those they manage.

From the top-down, compliance training ensures that the leadership team builds out their strategy with the relevant laws and governing regulations at top of mind.

More compliance, more productivity

While your people are only one piece of the compliance puzzle, they are a major piece. By keeping your employees safe and well in accordance with legal rules and regulations, you are likely to increase profitability and productivity.

The cost of occupational injury or illness as a result of noncompliance is staggering, thousands or even tens of thousands – per employee! This cost can be mitigated by being proactive, and ensuring that compliance is a leadership and management priority from the get-go. Rather than spending your time and money bandaging mistakes of the past, we recommend that you invest it upfront to keep your business running smoothly.

Compliance means compassion

When it comes to managing your team, the icing on the cake is that compliance training shows that you care.

When you treat compliance as a worthwhile aspect of management, rather than a piece of red tape – it shows. Moreover, it could mean the difference between your employees feeling like a priority to the company or not. By taking intentional time to connect with your team members and discuss ways to keep the work environment safe, healthy and productive, you are demonstrating that you are invested in them as people – not just workers.

A safe workplace is one that is productive, and with the right compliance training in place, your business can have both. Invest in compliance training today so you can walk into the office excited about what can go right, instead of worried about what might go wrong.

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