ISC Resources’ proprietary process not only saves you time, it makes a difference in how quickly your workforce gets up to speed and how well your employee‘s retain what they’ve learned.

ISC Resources’ Boost Learning Process will ensure your workforce is trained and ready for your next initiative. Whether that initiative is an ERP implementation or upgrade, a new process or product, new compliance or regulation, ensuring that your workforce is trained and ready is a daunting task. ISC Resources can help you lead your company’s transformation with customized learning and development programs that perfectly fit your culture and personality.

Whether you need a full team or just a single instructional designer, ISC Resources can help.
ISC Resources' Boost Learning Process

Our Learning Process Transforms Your Workforce

Define Objectives

1. Define Objectives

Our first step is to work closely with you to understand the width and breadth of your company’s initiative. What are the initiative’s goals, what are the tasks to be done, and how do they intersect with your workforce? We gather information from you about the audiences, personalities, chemistry and culture of your workforce. Understanding how your employees best learn is critical, and the time required to do this is well worth it. Once these key “touch points” are identified with you, we look to how best to transfer knowledge to your people. Is eLearning going to be the most effective? How about microlearning, or blended training? Do we need to jump to advanced technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality? When we are finished, we have a comprehensive understanding of what makes your people tick. Once the above has been determined, we really go to work. Step 2 of our process is where we find the ideal instructional designers to fit your company initiative.

Team Matching

2. Team Matching

In this critical step, ISC Resources assembles a high-performance team made of training professionals with a mix of behaviors to serve as the architects and builders of your training program. Whether your team is comprised of many instructional designers, or just one key ID, we match the culture, chemistry and personality of your organization. ISC Resources uses the world-renowned STAT test to identify and assemble individuals with team roles based on experience, strengths and how the individuals fit into the team. The team understands how to connect with your workforce to ensure that all the touch points between your initiative and people are communicated, understood and retained. Your ISC Resources team will have the experience and tools to best leverage their collective strengths so you get an efficient and productive training experience every time. And our core values are at the foundation of every ISC Resources’ team member.


3. Design

With our team assembled we jump into the Design phase. Much of this phase is spent accumulating knowledge of any existing training content and from your organization’s subject matter experts and key employees. We combine this information with the data we accumulated in Step 1 to prepare the detailed design document for your approval. The design includes your course strategy, delivery methods, structure and training duration. Once you approve the concept, we’ll create a blueprint for your training that fits all the parameters of your workforce and project. Critical to the design is understanding the characteristics of your audience – what motivates them as well as how they learn.


4. Build

In the Build step we develop the training using integrated technologies. As modules are completed, we work closely with you on review and approval to assure the training is exactly what you need and envisioned. Depending on your project goals and culture of your workforce, we may utilize microlearning, highly interactive, self-paced eLearning, blended learning, classroom or virtual training. All these elements are built into your curriculum based on what we determine to be the most effective path to your workforce’s success. The successful design and execution of these elements allows the training to connect with your employees in an interactive and meaningful process that will build understanding with retention.


5. Implementation

When we reach the Implementation step, it’s time for takeoff. ISC Resources can be as involved in this step as your project warrants, or it may fit your objectives to handle this important step internally. Either way, we are ready to help. If desired, we implement your training program so you can turn on the autopilot, focus on business, and watch your employees learn and fully embrace your project initiatives and goals. ISC Resources can also deliver training if desired – classroom, blended or virtual. We can upload your SCORM compliant courses to your LMS and assist with enrollment, assessments, and feedback. Delivery, tracking, and reporting will be monitored by your ISC Resources team and will report workforce progress back to you. At the end of this step your training is live and your workforce is fully engaged in the training.


6. Insights

The Insights step of our process provides the opportunity to evaluate your training and look at your return on investment. We obtain feedback on every aspect of the learning experience and typically follow Kirkpatrick’s 4 Levels of training which measure Reaction, Learning, Behavior Changes and Results. We spend time analyzing the results and effectiveness of your training program and provide summary information to your management teams. STAT goals are determined by:

Your employee’s reaction

What they learned, did they develop new skills, knowledge, and attitudes, confidence?

What behavior changes will be made over the longer term, and are conditions conducive to new behaviors?

What are the results of training – are the results good for the employees/team and good for the business?

This step provides great insight into the success of your training program.

Transform Your Workforce